Why landlords should purchase adequate insurance cover

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Experts have predicted weather patterns changing for the worse in the not too distant future, this should be a warning for landlords to buy adequate insurance to protect their valuable assets. Purchasing property to rent out is a great way to make income especially if it is furnished so it’s not a good idea to bypass the importance of having landlord insurance to protect the building and its contents. It’s also important to make sure roofs of properties don’t have missing tiles or slates where rainwater could enter which in turn would make the loft area damp and eventually rot the wooden beams.

Flood damage can be very costly to any property, if a kitchen was flooded for instance the water would soak the flooring as well as the kitchen units which would eventually rot and have to be replaced. Even a small amount of floodwater coming into your home could create expensive knock-on effects, so be prepared for any eventuality by buying landlord insurance for complete protection.

If you’re looking for a professional insurance broker the internet is the best place to start, the benefits of buying landlord insurance online are:-

  • Affordable prices for policies
  • Fast quotes
  • Multi property insurance packages
  • Contents cover available
  • Unoccupied property cover available
  • All tenant types covered
  • Loss of rent protection
  • Easy payment options

Be safe not sorry

The saying it’s better to be safe than sorry certainly rings true concerning landlord insurance, it’s a dreadful thought to think that your investment could go down the pan because you haven’t bought insurance or have purchased inadequate insurance. Insurance brokers often offer great deals and discounts on certain landlord insurance so check out websites and read more information to be enlightened.

Ask for a quotation to start off with and compare prices or let brokers do this for you, they have a huge database of insurance companies at their fingertips, in only a matter of minutes they can get a reasonably priced quote for you. Do make sure your policy covers everything you require and at the right excess value, the small print contains this particular information so take time out to read it from top to bottom.

Buy the best landlord insurance from online brokers to benefit from complete protection for your property and its contents, don’t put it off, do it now.