Where can I buy high performance fixings?

Monday, November 26, 2012

If you are having doubts about fixings and the appropriate type to use, you might find the following thoughts helpful.

Fixings in general

Whether you are looking at this from the point of view of a professional construction project or simply do-it-yourself, it is a fact that selecting the wrong fixings for the job might prove to be disastrous.

If you understand well the science and techniques involved in securing fixings, then wandering around a large trade or DIY warehouse might be one approach to follow.

However, if you are less than sure about what fixings should be used in what situations, you might be better advised thinking about talking to a specialist fixings provider.

Specialist situations

There is clearly a huge difference between trying to select the appropriate fixings for erecting a bookshelf in your home to that associated with trying to fix two large concrete blocks to each other on a large construction site.

Wherever you have a situation that involves extreme conditions or safety and security, it is imperative to use the appropriate fixings including, if required, high performance fixings.

The term high performance is occasionally used rather loosely to describe a large number of different situations; however, many forms of fixing will be what are called rated.

That typically involves the manufacturer stating the maximum sheer, tensile and occasionally compression pressures that the fixing may be subjected to without it failing in one form or another.

In some environmental situations, that might also involve understanding its resistance to corrosion or extremes of temperature etc. For example, engineers constructing nuclear facilities will clearly be extremely concerned to ensure that any fixings used are capable of withstanding some of the extremes of the environmental situation they may be called upon to operate within.

Special high performance related fixings are required to deal with some of the above circumstances.

Specialist providers

Specialist fixings are not only required in major high-tech or large scale construction activities.

To take a more homely illustration, if you are bolting together the components of a child’s swing in the playground or your garden, it would clearly be advisable to understand the issues relating to the stresses that will be applied to the fixings you’re using and their resistance to corrosion.

The fixings you choose to secure the main support struts into concrete blocks might be of one variety and those used to support the horizontal cross beam at the top entirely different.

In such situations, making optimistic guesses based upon the packed shelves of a major DIY store might prove to be less than wise.

In any circumstances where you think you may require specialist fittings for some of the above or any other reasons, it might be particularly important to speak to a specialist provider.