Builders in Kent – Where to find the best tradesmen

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finding a good builder or builders can seem like a difficult task. With builders in general having such a poor reputation a lot of people are now becoming very wary of hiring anyone who doesn’t come recommended. It is understandable as a poorly executed building project can be devastating, especially if it’s a large job such as a house extension or loft conversion. The good news is – it isn’t so difficult to find a company who offer highly trained, professional builders who you can trust. In this article I’ll discuss how you can go about finding reputable builders and how you can weed out any potential cowboys.

How to Find Reputable Builders

The most important thing in finding a reputable building company is how you find them. Since almost anyone can set up as a builder, this means there are a lot of cowboys who are not up to the job and will take your money without being able to do the work properly. To avoid this you should look for builders in the right places. This means searching for building companies in your area that have ideally come recommended. The advantage to using a company rather than a freelance builder is that the company will have a reputation it wants to protect and will usually have a set of standards that its builders must meet. It is also easier to have any disputes resolved when you are dealing with through a third party rather than with a builder directly.

Finding Builders in Kent

If you live in the Kent area and are looking for reliable builders to work on your project then you can find them in a few different ways such as using a local business directory, searching online ( are well worth checking out) or asking for recommendations from friends and family. The last one is ideal as builders that come recommended are usually much more likely to do a job you’re pleased with. Below are a few tips to ensure you get the best deal possible –

  • Ask questions – This is very important, especially for larger jobs such as home extensions. You will want to find out as much information as possible before you agree to let any builder start working on your property. You should let them know your budget and find out how long the project would take approximately, how many builders would be required to work on the job and also whether they will dispose of any waste materials left at the end of the job.
  •  Get Quotes – When you’re looking for builders for a project you should always aim to get more than one quote. This gives you an idea of what the project should cost. Quotes can vary greatly when it comes to building projects and this is in large part to less-than-reputable builders trying to undercut the competition. A rule of thumb is – if something sounds too good to be true,  it almost always is
  • Ask for References- This is a very important one. A good builder who is confident in their abilities should have no problem in being able to supply you with references. This lets you know that they have carried out successful jobs in the past where the client has been satisfied.